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'The Alpine Foodie'

About Us

We wanted to share just a bit of info about us, and why we do what we do...

Scroll down to meet the Alpine Foodies!

spices and an asian knife

'Meet the Alpine Foodies'


Both Joe and Harriet have got a wealth of experience within Catering and Hospitality, which is what led them to setting up The Alpine Foodie.

Joe has been cheffing from a young age, and has worked in many different restaurants, gastro pubs and fine dining venues over the years. His love for snowboarding led him to his 3rd ski season in Morzine. He quickly came to realise that it is where he wants to build his career, and live his life, and so settled down into working as a chalet chef in some of Morzine's most beautiful properties. 6 seasons later, he met Harriet, and together they have taken the plunge and formed The Alpine Foodie. 

Harriet used to work as a recruitment consultant for a catering and hospitality company. This involved training front of house staff and coordinating high profile events in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire... but alas the mountains were calling and she went and never came back! She originally trained at the orchards school of cookery, and develops her passion for food both with Joe and within chalets; everyday, summer and winter. Harriet has also catered for the health conscious market; mainly road bikers and triathletes, many of whom have specific diets and nutrition plans. She like Joe, loves locally sourced produce and the amazing veg that comes into season in the summer months. 

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